Hey. In my crippled efforts to keep this site updated this year, the page I most avoid touching is this one. I think because this News page is set up as a blog. Blog means writing, like art, like music, is this thing that I love to do, but which can get very precious if I’m not in a deep habit of doing it. Which is a drag because I’m certainly not without things to reflect upon. This year, I’ve left a 7 year stint at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, jumped into a life-altering artist residency at the Bunnell Arts Centre in Homer Alaska, installed a public art work in collaboration with Simon Frank and Gary Barwin, wrote a play for the Hamilton Fringe which succeeded beyond my wildest hopes, delivered a quite resonant performance at Hamilton Supercrawl with the TH&B Collective, and then capped it all off by fracturing my elbow whilst hitting a pothole with my bike. It all feels like turbulent undulation–deep moments of frenzied production that allow for deep moments of introspection and self-reflection. This blog entry is merely to crack the ice, so that I can start posting regularly on a bunch of things. I’ve conditioned myself to view my website as a promotional space, and thus tend to avoid it. I’d like to push myself to reframe that presumption–to start thinking of my website as a place where I live. Either this post will dangle embarassingly on its own, or it will quickly drop down the page. That’s a good kind of gauntlet to throw down I think.