TH&B is a contemporary art collective founded by Ivan Jurakic, Dave Hind, Simon Frank and Tor Lukasik-Foss. Its focus is to use sculpture and performance to investigate the changing ecology of the Great Lakes region.

Hamilton 7

Hamilton Seven is an open collective of storytellers based in Hamilton, Ontario and founded by Lisa Pijuan-Nomura. The collective holds monthly public performances at and encourages its members to develop story ideas into larger projects.

Tuesday Choir

Tuesday Choir began in 2013 as a kind of anti-choir–no hand gestures, no matching shirts, no one quite knowing what they are doing, no guiding music theory or structure.  The intent is to create a circumstance drenched in the love of singing, and the community that can result.

Angel Blown Backward Collective (ABB)

ABB is a performance collective comprised of Neal and Peg Evans, Jeff Bird, Sue Smith, and Nora Hutchinson. They produce collaborative works that fuse folklore, opera, popular song, and performance art.